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Eli Sostre Returns With Brand New EP “WORLD-WILD”


Eli Sostre is back at it with his new EP.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard some new music from Eli Sostre. The artist was on a roll early this year before signing off for a few months. That all changes today as the rising star has just released his brand new EP. Since releasing “Disloyal” in April, Eli welcomed his baby boy into the world and to celebrate, he decided to drop some new music.

WORLD-WILD is a collection of three songs with production by Soriano, Ikaz Boi, and others. The opening track “LML” features Eros Sostre, the singer’s newborn son, as his heartbeat can be heard at the end of the song. The New York City artist is one of the most intriguing to have come up in the last few years and we’re excited to hear what he has planned next.


1. LML (feat. Eros Sostre)  Download
2. ROUTINE  Download
3. BAD ADVICE  Download

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