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Lil B Flips Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” On “This Is The BaseGod”


Lil B’s “Options” mixtape is here.

Lil B may not be in the midst of his most prolific run, but Options is by all account a return to normalcy in the BasedWorld. The mixtape a number of alluring options from which to choose. On “This Is The BasedGod,” Lil B flips Childish Gambino‘s “This is America” without taking on the political undertones.

In its place, Lil B welcomes us into a house party setting, the likes of which conjures up memories of songs like “Suck My D*ck H*e,” “Like a Groupie,” and “B*tch I’m Bill Clinton,” all from the closing session of your Undergrad. “This is The BasedGod” is impossibly repetitive the way a mantra needs to be in order for retention and power.

Lil B’s Options is his second mixtape release of 2018, following Platinum Flame in May. It caps a particularly interesting growth year for Lil B where he held his first ever art vernissage. He was also asked to put his positive resolve to the test on more than one occasion, all of which resulting in a non-violent resolution. TYBG.

Quotable Lyrics:

Yeah, this a great time tonight.
Like I said, man, it’s your boy Lil B in the house somewhere over here, over there.
Let’s get it, man.
If you know the BasedGod make some motherfucking noise.
Let’s get it! Let’s go!

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