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Man City gambled against Tottenham


Man City gambled against Tottenham

Man City gambled against Tottenham.

Looking at such scenario where there exist 3 matches to be played among these opposite, 2 champions league home and away matches followed by a premier league match.

Manchester City played well but the game couldn’t favor them today. Some fans complains about the starting eleven for City today, the like of Sane and Debrune was sitted at the bench, not until 88min while the game was coming to an end.

Aguero potential penalty lose was a big blow for them today, actually no one is 100% perfect in taking penalties. Even Messi as great as he is still misses penalty sometimes.

Kane collides with Delph on the sideline and he makes his way off the pitch. He limps down the tunnel. It would be a huge blow for Spurs to lose their key man.

A second-half strike from Son Heung-min gave Tottenham a 1-0 win over Manchester City in the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final tie.

Man City need to prepare well for the return leg coming up next week.


1. What a tight game, Son gave everything for the goal, stopping the ball at the line, worried about Kane and it seems like a serious injury, he had no time and walked out as he clashed with Delph, unintentional at full speed, Delph passes the ball to Ederson, and my biggest issue was.. Guardiola, why would you bring KDB and Sane at the 88th minute when mahrez was never doing anything but making defensive runs. He should’ve taken out Silva for KDB and Sane for Mahrez at half time, not before the game was over, this is not what you expect from an amazing manager as Guardiola, but either way We have a great match coming next week, Guardiola will put everything on the field to come back, and Kane seems like he’s out for the rest of the season.

2. Worse match ever poor management from Pep Gundogan and Fernandino seriously Mahrez over Sane City was destined to lose from the start I’m surprised we haven’t lost by a bigger margin

3. I thought Guardiola was dreaming of the Quadruple, yet he was more afraid of losing the Premier League than this very Match. I expected him to Bring in Sane and De Bruyne earlier especially when Harry Kane was already out injured. I am a little disappointed that Guardiola could be this Conservative about his approach to win the Quadruple. He won’t even win the League, now he has bottled up the chance of winning the Champions League too.

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