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Sir Michael Rocks Introduces MYSTERY SCHOOL Duo With “Holographic” Single


Mystery School offers a mystical single.

Tony Reed Jr, who is most known as Sir Michael Rocks or Mikey Rocks, is entering a new musical era. The artist has linked up with Owen Bones to create a new group called MYSTERY SCHOOL. They are introducing fans to a new blend of their respective creative talents with their first single, “Holographic.”

Reed has flexed his talents with his former duo, The Cool Kids, starting with When Fish Ride Bicyclesfrom 2011. The Illinois talent’s new formation with DJ/Producer Bones offers a fresh sound.

Stream the track below and let us know if you groove with the new flow.

Quotable Lyrics

Oh my god, Are you dead again?
You’re looking dead as a skeleton
I can’t revive you with medicine
And I know this much is evident
I guess I’m heading back to the edge again
I guess your battery in the red again
‘Cause you ain’t speak to me in a week
I’m working to get into your head again

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