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Young Bleed, Master P & C-Loc’s “How Yo Do Dat” Is One Of No Limit’s Greatest Ever


Young Bleed’s 1998 classic “How Yo Do Dat” stands the test of time.

The No Limit chapter spearheaded by Master P doesn’t get enough shine as an influential marker of time. In the middle 90s, Cash Money and No Limit Records were embroiled over local supremacy. Although Cash Money remains a valued entity to this day, it was No Limit and their core roster led by Young Bleed among others, that led the charge in the streets, especially after Mystikal chose to side with them in the battle of New Orleans.

Young Bleed’s My Balls and My Word debuted at #1 on the Hip-Hop charts, and high as #10 on theBillboard 200. These numbers might seem unfathomable given the fact Bleed is not a household name, but the cult of No Limit persists to this day, and “How Yo Do Dat” is among the very best in their archived catalog. It stands to reason, that Master P is himself involved in the song, which alone is something worth inspecting, on intrigue alone.


Quotable Lyrics:

Eyes hella red cause a n**** blowin’ doja
Tie the black shoe strangs, tight on the Reeboks
Grab yo ski mask, DKNY, I mean a plastic Glock
Hoes bounce that ass, n****s get dealt wit’
Keep yo’ enemy tight, n**** never thank quick
Pour out some liquor to the homies I owe
R.I.P. to every fuckin rapper, that is gone

-Young Bleed

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